a statement

This is a statement from the Ruskin MFA 2021 finalists expressing solidarity with struggles against white supremacy and persistent colonising cultures across the world, while also acknowledging the insidious limits of such statements.

Being upfront about complicity should not be mistaken for an apolitical stance.

Throughout our nine-month course, many of us have been involved with anti-racist and decolonial efforts in different corners of the University and beyond: some have seen movement in the right direction while others have not. Such efforts made in institutionally racist organisations are often met with resistance in the form of labyrinthine, bureaucratic structures that preserve and reorganise systems of oppression. This leaves us with undelivered promises despite genuine efforts of student and staff allies, most recently seen in Oriel College’s insulting decision to keep their monument of Cecil Rhodes.

The myriad of identities and political positions within our cohort are united in consistently choosing radical love and generosity.

As a collective of artists, we hope that our degree show’s spaces—leftovers, pixelmeat, here/after—are approached by a general public with the above ideas in mind; this said, please do reach out if you find any contents of our show to be inconsistent with this statement.

We thank you, viewer, for extending your time and energy toward us, and look forward to being in an ongoing dialogue.